Furniture Design & Craftmanship

Inspired by materials, their behaviors and construction, I create designs where the tactility, beauty, and context of the material plays an important role. With a pretty tight Scandinavian-looking design materials become again relevant and this results into a close partnership between the user and design.

Hi, I am Bert Spolders

and I strongly believe that the relationship with the user increasingly seems to disappear on the background because of becoming more virtual. That is why I feel the importance, as a dutch designer, to combine material(s) and the interaction with the user in an unique signature design. STUDIO With my experience as a construction engineer and academic background in furniture design, I started in 2015 my own design studio, Studio Bert Spolders in Amsterdam Noord, currently based in Zaandam.

Latest work: Fusion Series

The Fusion Cabinet, the Lounge Chair and Lamp represent an ongoing research into connections and material-symbiosis. Led by individual qualities and perceptions two different materials, wood and silicone, show how they can cooperate. This research has resulted into various objects which come to live when used.


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